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                     Leasing / Credit:

We provide you the full financial, custom and tax and logistics services around purchasing brand new cars from EU Market either to take on leasing or credit, also in 50/50 or 3x33 option.

We are authorised partner of mBank JSC group which makes use of long term experience of mBank, MultiBank, BRE Bank and BRE Leasing in order to deliver to their Clients the very best practices of electronic banking, serviced provided for wealthy and demanding Clients, so as for the firms and corporations.




mLeasing LLC is the leading leasing company in Poland, according the ranks after 2Q of 2013, mLeasing LLC is classified on 2nd place amongs the leasing companies in Poland and as the only, provides the clear and easy procedures of purchasing the cars directly from Foreign Dealers under standard leasing products.


Cash purchase:


Cash purchase is exactly the same as at authorised dealer’s. After signing the sales contract, the dealer issues the deposit pro-forma, to be paid directly to the authorised dealer’s account.

When the dealer notices the deposit, the production order is being initiated at the car manufacturer’s plant. The rest of the ordered car’s value is to be paid directly on authorised dealer’s account, when the cars is manufactured and ready for pickup.


In case of any questions regarding leasing or credit offer, please feel free to contact us.





Jako jedyny broker samochodowy w Polsce, nasza firma została wyróżniona prestiżową nagrodą ZŁOTY CERTYFIKAT RZETELNOŚCI, przyznawaną przez Krajowy Rejestr Długów BIG SA.

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